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Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Post #7

In Trevor Martin's, documentary $chooled--The Price of College Sports he exposes the NCAA of unjust treatment of their athletes. The author first depicts the electric college atmosphere with fast-motion and slow-motion clips to emphasize the atmosphere. The NCAA showed unjust treatment towards their athletes as they exploit them. The NCAA make billions of dollars in revenue off of these athletes, but refuses to compensate them. The author also used sympathy towards two individuals Devon Ramsay and Kent Waldrep which showed two cases of extreme injustice. His purpose was to sway the opinion of the public into making them for college athletes getting compensation. He seems to gave the young audience in my mind as he shows the nonsensical responses by the "old white dudes" who run everything. I believe what the NCAA did was wrong and they should compensate their athletes. Previously I had held the same opinion just because of the sheer numbers in the profit the NCAA is making.

The documentary $chooled--The Price of College Sports they make the argument as to why college athletes should get paid. The Schools are generating billions of dollars off these athletes. The NCAA has many strict rules which gives the athletes little to no rights. The athlete could break a violation with out even knowing and lose eligibility to play. This is shown when Devon Ramsay was "set up" by the NCAA and lost his eligibility. This example showed that many times the NCAA doesn't care about the case they just mark it as a violation so they can make a certain quota. This documentary limits bias as it covers both sides of the argument and disproves counterarguments. This documentary is very thorough in its argument as to why college athletes should receive compensation. The NCAA a nonprofit organization has exposed its athletes multiple times. Kent Waldrep a TCU running-back was another example of the injustice of the NCAA. Waldrep was paralyzed in freak play causing him to never walk again. TCU refused to pay his medical bills and dropped his scholarship. The documentary goes into detail of how the scandal was handled and how the made up term student-athlete came into play.

The Green Generation 
This documentary will depict the turn around of Norton High's Tennis team. After the first year coach Mr. Langmead coached the team to 2-16 season. The players bounded together to come to an agreement of a coaching change. After, the firing of Mr. Langmead the team was able to reel in Katelyn Green. The team already had the core pieces bound to make a deep run in the tournament, but the coaching was just not there before. With the new coach, the expectations for this season are at an all time high. When Katelyn Green was asked what she could bring to this team she was quoted, "I don't know anything about tennis." As you can see  the new coach has a lot to bring to the table and it looks to be all on the players to bring this team to success. This year the Tennis team is facing a championship or bust scenario.


  1. Liam--Mr. Langmead wasn't fired. I hope you are just kidding. I think you should do a documentary on the tennis team, but maybe think about why the tennis team isn't as successful as they want to be...I am sure that it is not the coaching.

  2. I was only joking, I know Mr.Langmead was a good coach.