Which Topic should I use?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Potential Blog Topics

The three topics I am thinking about pursuing are animal conservation, dragons, and Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time.
For animal conservation I am wondering if we should strengthen our stand on conserving wildlife?
What is the historical significance of Dragons in European history?
Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Biased Article

The article I am calling out for being biased is 8 reasons LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. This article shows a lot of statistical biases and many other. The author uses 8 explanations as to why he believes LeBron surpassed Michael Jordan. Although I disagree with this article I will attempt to reduce bias of my own. Base rate fallacy is another kind of bias in this article as he goes to in depth on very specific statistics. The focusing effect also comes into play as the author is focused on only some parts of the game.

The statistical bias is a form of outcome bias. The statistics just look at the outcome and not how they were accomplished. For instance, rebounding had "7.2" rebounds per game for James and "6.2" rebounds per game for Jordan. This stat clearly favors James but when you look at how they were accomplished it changes. Jordan was not designed to grab boards as he would be set to go on the break, because the Bulls had Rodman (regarded as one of the best rebounders ever) and others down low to grab the boards. James often times plays center which shows his versatility but he has trouble guarding big-men.

The other biases that were included on this article is base rate fallacy and the focusing effect. The writer of this article uses one of his reasons as "foul rate" this stat is completely absurd and is not very relevant to who his a better player (by the way this was his fourth argument). An important stat is winning and he excludes that. This is very bad on the writer as Jordan is 6-0 in the NBA Finals and is one of the greatest winners in all of sports. James is a mere 2-3 in the NBA finals proving time and time again he struggles at the big stage. The record in the playoffs is even more lopsided in Jordan's favor. The focusing effect comes in place where the writer says a main reason for James being better than Jordan is because of a "1 percent higher three point shooting percentage". This is an absolute absurd reason to be the number five reason in your argument.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


For my bucketlist I had to learn to play an instrument and I was able to play Yankee Doodle and Ode to Joy. I could not upload a video, so I had use this picture as evidence. For future goals I hope to really know how to play the guitar.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Classmates Profile

I interviewed two people in order to get to know them better as a person. During journalism I interviewed Kristin and Morgan. I had the opportunity to get to learn about them and what their life is like.
Kristin L. 

Although the interview started off very bland as she used "boring" as the one word to describe herself she told me she had a passion for soccer. As the happiest moment of her life was "winning a championship in soccer" which shows her love for the game. She enjoys playing soccer very much and would much rather be playing on the field "than watching soccer". She is a lot like the typical teen as she likes "pop rock" music and enjoys "warm" and "sunny" places. There was a major moment in her life as her entire life flashed before her eyes as she "almost drowned".


Meghan said she was very unique as the one word she used to describe herself was "random". She enjoyed "warm and sunny" places and "pop rock" just like Kristen. Meghan also told me how close she was to her family and "especially her cousins". Her happiest moment of her life came from her family. As her parents surprised her with a trip to Florida and she was "in shock" of the news. She enjoys "playing sports rather than watching", but enjoys baseball the most.