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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sports Impact on our Culture

Professional sports bring down cultural and racial barriers. In sports there is no black and white; one is not based upon their religion or nationality. Players are only based on skill and character. Often times we see disputes between nationalities put aside with sports. Sports have a special way of bringing us together as people. Many times sports have impacted history, as Jackie Robinson broke down the race barrier in baseball which help transcend society and start a movement towards the end of segregation in America. 
  Sports still play a pivotal role in society today. As these sports team are representitve of their respective cities, with teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots representing the hard working class of their cities. Sports can rally a nation together as it puts all eyes on the Olympics and the World Cup. Sometimes there are miracles in sports that give us faith and hope in life. Such as the 1980 US olympic men's hockey team defeating the seemingly unbeatable Russian team. These miracles in sports do not happen often, but when they do it is something truly spectacular. 

Sports are especially important to our youth. The first thing they teach their youth about sports is sportsmanship. Sports teach children many valuable lessons such as respect, hard work, focus, modesty, and etc. Your teamates in sports are often times your closest friends. For a young kid it can be very hard making new friends and sports are a great way to do that. Kids grow up idolizing sport figures such as Tom Brady. In Brady's case it may be considered benficial as he is a nice guy and does charity work. However, there are some sports figures like A-Rod and Mike Tyson who can lead a kid to do the wrong choices. Sometimes we hold our athletes above the.law and condone very negative behaviors. This can lead.to.many problems.as kids who grow up idolizing these men may believe it is ok do break the law. Sports has many influences on our youth and our society.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Tom Brady has cemented his legacy as the greatest of all-time as he led the Patriots from a double digit deficit in the fourth quarter against one of the greatest defenses in the history of the NFL. This game had one of the most exciting finishes of all time with extreme highs and lows. It felt for a moment that a third Superbowl would be ripped away from the Patriots on a unbelievable play. The odds that David Tyree makes that catch, Jermaine Kearse somehow catches that pass, and Eli Manning throw a perfect pass are so slim you could play those games a million times and never get that to happen again. After the Jermaine Kearse catch every Pats fan was in awe of the extreme bad luck the Patriots have experienced. But then the Superbowl ended in the greatest way as the undrafted rookie out of West-Alabama picked off Russell Wilson sealing the Pats fourth Superbowl in 14 years. 

Villains In Sports

In sports many times the media portrays teams as the good guys and the bad guys. Recently the New England Patriots were subject to this. ESPN was presenting leaked out rumors as facts to villainize the Patriots. These rumors had some effect as the view of unintelligent sport followers deemed them as cheaters, but anyone who actually read the full story will understand that Deflate-gate was a non-story brewed up by the media just trying to take the Pats down. In many cases villains in sports are greatly exaggerated by the media. The loyal fans of these so called villains love their teams. The notorious Bad Boys from the late great Detroit Pistons teams were portrayed very negatively by the media. But these "villains" had some of the best fans in sports. When the "villains" come out on top in makes the victory so much sweeter.